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“टीका लगाएंगे, करोना को हराएंगे”

SHREE H.J.GAJERA ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, PRIMARY SECTION, KATARGAM, SURAT has organized Vaccination Camp for Covid- 19 in the school campus. Vaccination is the only strategy which will help to protect people from getting sick and to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 virus.

During this pandemic the most effective sectors are schools. And after a long wait now it’s time for the

our children to get vaccinated. Vaccination protects the vaccinated persons and those around them who are vulnerable to the diseases, reducing the risk of diseases spreading among family members, school mates or colleagues, friends, neighbours and other people in the community.

When enough people in a population are immune to an infectious disease, the disease is then unlikely to spread from person to person. This is known as 'community immunity'. In this way, vaccines indirectly protect others who are vulnerable to disease. These include babies, children, and the elderly people with weak immune systems. Furthermore, immunization programs help reduce the social, psychological and financial burdens of disease on people and governments, reducing pressures on healthcare and social care systems and enabling people to pursue productive activities including education and employment.

Keeping this in mind our school has organized COVID -19 Vaccination Camp on 23rd March 2022, for children between the age group 12 to 14 years as per Gujarat govt. instruction.

Children are very excited and their parents were very cooperative. Total 329 children gets their first dose.

All precautionary measures including social distancing, wearing of masks, sanitization, among others was followed during the entire process.

The vaccination drive was successful and had also created awareness among the people on the rapid spread of the virus and the safety measures to be taken.

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