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“Today is your Day! Your Mountain is waiting, So….Get on your way!”

Pre-primary annual report card day is an event held by educational institutions to provide parents or guardians with an update on their child's academic progress throughout the school year. It is usually held towards the end of the academic year, and parents are invited to meet with the child's teacher to discuss the report card and any other concerns they may have.

During the meeting, the Educators will typically go over the learner's academic performance, including their strengths and areas where they may need improvement. They may also discuss the child's social skills, behavior, and any other relevant information.

As the learners are going to climb one step ahead, in which educators were sharing information on where children are progressing and where they lag behind helps parents act accordingly. Parents were encouraged and appreciated their support throughout the year. Few parents acknowledged their gratitude towards educators and the management for their remarkable efforts to reach out the learners and facilitate them with practical learning.

In addition to the meeting with the educator, Pre-Primary annual report card day may also include other activities or events, such as learner performances, classroom displays, and student work exhibits.

The PEM was conducted smoothly. . It helps to build a partnership between parents and educators to support the child's development and success in the years to come.

Our heartiest congratulations to the learners and best wishes to them follow their passion! We are very proud of them!

“A little progress each day adds up to big results”

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