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A Workshop cum Training Session for Educators “How to improve Spoken English”

On 5th November 2022, a very essential and interesting seminar was conducted by Ms. Neeru Nayyar on the topic “Spoken English” which is most important to improve English communication skill. Educators of all Gajera English Medium Schools Primary Sections branches had attended the seminar. We all felt contented and happiness to have such talented and experienced trainer like her. She had discussed all fundamental points to improve communication skill under the roof of grammar. By conducting some activities especially, how to give stress the letter while pronunciation of a word. Secondly, she also focused on the matter of language development skills called L, S, R, and W Skills along with conducting some interesting group and individual activities like reading English News Paper, Speak Words with same pronunciation with different meaning. She had also traced on the strategy about how to be a fluent English Speaker. Thus, every educator took part in all the activities and they learned a lot. Really, it was a wonderful training session.

The educators of Gajera Vidya bhavan acquired a lot from this workshop like how to enhance English Communication skill, how to build up confidence and how can we speak English fluently? In workshop, the content, which we learnt from it, is very beneficial for learners as we will definitely apply and implement such tips and techniques in our day to day classroom teaching for the learners’ betterment. As a result, educators as well as students will become very positive in English communication.

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