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Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony 2K23

“WHAT IS WEED? A PLANT WHO’S VIRTUES HAS NOT BEEN YET DISCOVERED AND TO PRODUCE MORE SUCH HUMAN VIRTUES, ENCOURAGEMENT AND ENTHUSIASAM NEED TO BE INCALCATE IN THE CHILDREN.” And indeed to fill more such enthusiasm in our students especially who have secured good ranks and excellent achievements in multifarious curricular and co-curricular competitions, events, activities throughout the year. Today (10/03/2023) at Shree H.J.Gajera Eng. Med Primary School, Katargam an Annual Prize distribution ceremony took placed in the conference hall. From the beginning of the academic year 2022 - 23 till the end of the year, the students have done excellent performance in various activities and competitions in the field of academics and non-academics. So they were encouraged by giving different prizes in different categories by the School Principal Mr. Asish Debnath, Guest Miss Bhavisha Solanki (Principal, Gajera Vidyabhavan, Katargam) and Vice Principals Mr. Rakesh Upadhyay and Mrs. Sweta Banerjee. All the winners had feel honoured and they were very excited to get their rewards.

At the end of the ceremony one students of class 7th Desai Gargi gave the vote of thanks and followed by Principal’s speech to encourage all the students.

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