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"ASSEMBLY - A Path To Reach God"

Our parents and grandparents have taught us to always start our days with a morning prayer, and the same things are followed in our schools. It lends a celestial aroma to the atmosphere when children with folded hands and closed eyes pray to the Almighty God in one sonorous and musical voice.

It is truly a powerful means to begin the Day at school in a euphoric and ecstatic manner before the formal classroom teaching begins, students assemble in the school compound for the collective prayer. School being the foundation of a student's life, assemblies only help them gather a lot of energy to do well and be good in their day.

Assembly has one contribution to make i.e. to unite the whole school at a field ground. After the prayer to God, the school has asked children to read out thought for the day in assembly as per their turns. The thought gives a simple message each day to seek a brighter side of tomorrow. Educators too inculcate values and good manners by enacting stories. It helps to inculcate moral and ethical values in the child’s mind. Assembly was combined with the COLOURS DAY with different Color Activity in which learners and educators were dressed up according to specified colors.

Children were made to sing our National Anthem at the end of the program. This creates deeper enlightenment in every child towards their country. They feel proud to be a part of it. By encouraging many such activities at the morning assembly, the teacher tends to sharpen the student’s self-confidence level.

When the learners wait to disperse class-wise in their lines, they learn to have patience. They understand the difference between running in the crowd and merely marching to their classes.

Thus assembly in the school plays a major role in the lives of the children that its fragrance remains forever in the hearts of tiny ones.

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