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"Back To School First Day Of The School

Cheerful ‘Welcome’ helps kindergarten children for a positive start to their school journey. It is a foundation for the positive relationship among children of different age group.

To make this journey an exciting, successful and happy experience our SCHOOL organized “WELCOME DAY” for our tiny tots who have entered with their tiny feets to our school campus with different emotions on 6th June 2022. Our School Campus was decked up with colorful balloons and many more attractive things in which CARTOONS were the attractions for the learners. They were welcomed by an educators Dance Performance followed by Prayer of Maa Saraswati seeking blessing throughout the year.

Educators holding learners hands accompanied them to their classroom with utmost love and care. Each learner was given welcome gift as a token of love. Receiving gifts was an amazing experience for them which recharge them with the positive energy. Learners were overwhelmed by looking at the decorative campus and classes.

Best wishes to kiddos to a great first day of school and a safe and successful school year ahead.

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