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“BE BLESSED, GET EDUCATED” Vasant Panchami Celebration 2k22

Greetings to all on this auspicious day of Vasant Panchami!


Being a citizen of the world’s ancient culture, following customs and celebrating festivals prevails in every aspect of our life. In India, it is a ritual to worship and to be blessed by almighty in every auspicious occasion and festivities. So, today too we celebrated Vasant Panchmi to worship Devi Saraswati as well as to welcome the spring season. Here, at Shree H. J. Gajera English Medium School, Primary Section, it is tradition to celebrate Vasant Panchmi with great zeal and enthusiasm every year.

As Vasant Panchmi is the auspicious festival of “MAA SARASWATI” where all, especially society of teachers and galaxy of students worship Goddess Saraswati and be blessed by her kind blessing. As per the Hindu Panchang, it is considered as the holy day to start new ventures, adventures to progress in life, house warming ceremony and many more. As per the ancient tale it is the day when Goddess Sarswati was born. It is a day from when actually teaching –learning activities should start with the blessings of DEVI SARASWATI.

We celebrated this day with lighting of lamp by Guest Mrs. Sonia Budhiraja, Principal of Gajera International School and Mr. Asish Debnath, our respected Principal Sir. Our learner Ms. Chambhare Surbhi from class V-D performed the welcome dance. It was followed by dance by teachers who offered their prayer to Saraswati which spread holy vibes in everyone’s heart. Our educators nicely performed Drama with great messages for all. The colour yellow has a great significance in the celebration of Vasant Panchami as it marks the harvest time of mustard crop (especially in North India) that has yellow blooms, which is Goddess Saraswati’s favourite colour. And this became our colour also for today, as we along with the learners too celebrated in yellow colour.

Overall a day well spent in praying the almighty.

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