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To share the feedback of the LEARNERS and to lay the foundation of harmonious relationship with their parents, the school organized Parent –Educator Meeting on 31st Dec, 2022.The main objective was to create a common platform where the educators and the parents can come together to discuss learners’ performance and advise ways to enrich their learning from home experience. The event witnessed around 90% attendance thus displaying enthusiastic interest among parents for the smooth working and progress of the school.

Educators briefed parents about their wards’ performance during the classes and encouraged them to make them participate in all the activities. Parents expressed their satisfaction towards the school for providing and sharing all important information on the daily basis with them. They also appreciated the efforts of educators for inculcating the regular habit and interest for the learning among the tiny tots.

Along with the PEM, SPORTS MEET for the parents had been organized. All were very energetic that day; enthusiasm could be easily seen in their eyes. Parents thanked the school for their cooperation and support and advised children to keep up their sportsman spirit. It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm and memories to cherish.

At the end of the day, learners departed with a clear smile on their faces.

Overall, the meeting of all the classes was very interactive and went off well.

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