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" Birds Need You This Summer "

" Birds make your smile, Let them live for a while"

Can you imagine a world without Birds?

If you woke up tomorrow morning in a world without birds, the first thing you'd notice would be the silence. They've have became such a regular part of our morning that most of us don't hear the birds' chirps. They simply fade into the background. But without birds, the absence of vibrant singing would be notable.

The benefits birds bring us aren't just cultural. Birds play an essential role in the functioning of the world's ecosystem, in a way that directly impact human health, economy and food production - as well as a million of other species.

Birds paly a crucial role in reducing and maintaining population of insects in nature system. Birds eat up to 98% of budworms. Birds keep the farmers in business. They protect our drinking water by preventing erosion. They slow down to spread diseases.

How could we enjoy spring without the birds fitting busily in our garden?

Give the birds a splash of water to get relief from the hot sun.

--- As a human being it is our responsibility to take care of birds.

--- We should take some essential steps to take care of birds like:

* Keep the bowl of water for birds.

* Spread grains like rice, bajra, chana, etc. on our roof tops or open balcony's.

* Avoid using plastic products.

* Many birds mistake the plastic waste that we leave about for food and try to consume it. This is bad for them as the materials are indigestible and can cause digestion complications to the birds and even death. By disposing of waste properly covered in bins and avoiding plastics.

* Our school Gajera Vidya Bhavan Katargram (Pre- Primary) teaches such activities to our little gajerain's as a part of holistic methodology of teaching. Our little learners fill bowl of water and keep it under the trees for a thirsty birds, for the birds to drink . They also prepared some bird houses from waste materials for the birds and hung it on the trees for the birds to live in . They also put some grains in the basket for birds to eat.

* Thus these kind of activities are usually performed by our learners so as to take care not only of the birds but also of the animals, and environment on the whole.

* By performing such activities in our kindergarten we develop the spirit of empathy towards birds towards their surrounding and nature they live in; right from their childhood.

Be there for the nature, be empathic....

" Keep A Bowl Of Fresh Water For Birds In Terrace, Balconies And Outside Windows."

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