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"Books are everything to me"

" You' know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend"

Books give plenty of joy to students ,and they learn a lot of things from books. They take their into a unique world of imagination and improve their standard of living books help to inspire students to do hard work with courage and hope. They and reach the experience of students and sharpen their intellect.

Books are considered as the best friends of students in a real sense, and it is said that they are also the best companions of students. They play a significant role in students life.

  • Books make student intelligent

Books increase the knowledge of students and improve their intellect. They reveal the different concepts and introduced the numerous shades of culture of the world. Reading books make students aware of various societies and civilization across the world .By reading books student can explore the past ,present and future and can solve many problems. books inspect the clarity and creativity in students mind.

  • Books improve the memory

Many students forgot what they have learnt yesterday, but reading books can help improve the memory of students. When students read books they create the imagine of the story and character mention in the book and they are able to memorize what they have read .So if students read regular reader visual memory will activate and it will help them to quickly remember things.

  • Books relieve stress of students

Reading books is an adequate remedy for the students to relieve stress. When students read book they feel stress free and books take them to the world of imagination.

  • Books improve the vocabulary

If Students wants to improve their vocabulary then reading book is the fastest way for them. When students read different books on different subject they are able to learn more new words which will not only help them to modify their vocabulary but also them to build the awareness on various topic.

  • Books helps to get more focus

When the students relieve the stress by reading books, then it naturally help them to focus on their life this will also help them to improve their academic performance and they can learn more in very less time.

Learn different languages

Books can also improve the language skill of students. By reading different books student will be able to interact with people in their endemic language.

  • Develops Analytical Skills

Books can improve the students ability to think, and they are able to find the solution to problems. Reading books can build and understanding and awareness of students in different situation.

  • What's so special about books?

Books are magical. They teach us, transport us, make us feel safe ,push us at of our comfort zones, and make us feel like we know people and place that had never even existed. Book can teach us about the world, and they can teach us about ourselves .

  • How to introduce toddlers a book

➡️ A few minutes at a time is ok. Don't worry if you don't finish the story.

➡️ Talk or sing about the pictures

➡️ Let children turn the pages

➡️ Show children the cover page

➡️ Show children the words

➡️ Make a story that comes alive

➡️ Make it as if it is personal

➡️ Ask question about the story, and later children ask question too!

Books are the store of knowledge and wisdom they contain variety of pleasure reading books makes our mind strong and burden our Outlook .Reading of books gives us a great pleasure.

💠Here at Gajera Vidhyaben Pre Primary section we encourage our kids to read and understand, so as to improve their Reading skills vocabulary , making new words, framing sentences etc. and thus read and speak well

💠 They also learn the distinguish between 'good and bad 'some stories stipulate moral lesson and develop value such as compassion, kindness and consideration.

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