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The idea of establishing a special day to celebrate the ART OF YOGA was proposed by our Prime Minister

Mr. Narendra Modi. By way of this initiative, he has given this unique gift to us which has become limelight in different days celebration. Our school too celebrates yoga day with great reverence every year as it is a physical, mental and spiritual practice so that learners and educators can be better in four walls if the day starts with yoga. It plays an important role in relaxing the mind and body and boosting people’s immune system. Real Yoga Class Trainers Ms. Geeta Chauhan and Ms. Sheetal Devaliya were invited to our school campus.

INAUGURAL SPEECH was given by an educator Ms Chitra Parekh who emphasized the importance of Yoga and physical exercises in daily life and also informed that how this tradition has been practicing since ancient times. The trainers gave us a short class about the benefits of yoga. She explained that regular practice of Yoga will help us achieve better mental and physical health. Trainers started Yoga demonstrations with the Yoga prayer followed by different warm-up exercises, sitting and standing ASANAS were performed. Importance of these Asanas was explained simultaneously by trainers. All pledged to make yoga a daily part of their lives so as to increase the holistic development.

At the end of the program Ms. Naina Patel proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of Gajera Parivar and also shared her experience of the day. Trainers were also felicitated with the token of love.

It was indeed a day which freshen up the mind and the body. The event helped us feel confident and content physically, mentally and spiritually.

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