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"Celebration of Rakhi "

A bond of togetherness ..
It’s a thread that binds....
Our lives and hearts...

Raksha Bandhan is a festival which celebrates the bond of a brother and sister. Sisters and brothers wait eagerly for it all round the year.

Raksha means protection and Bandhan means bond. Thus, Raksha Bandhan is bond of protection.

The bonding between a brother and a sister is simply unique and is beyond description in words.

The relationship between siblings is extra ordinary and is given importance in every part of the word. However, when it comes to India, the relationship becomes all the more important as there is a festival called Raksha Bandhan dedicated for the sibling’s love.

The festival is made up of two words namely "Raksha" and "Bandhan" as per the Sanskrit terminology, the occasion means that the tier knot of protection Where Raksha stands for the protection and Bandhan signifies the work to tie.

Together the festival symbolizes the eternal love of brother and sisters relationship which does not mean does the blood relationships only. It is also celebrated among cousin sister and sister in law fraternal aunt and nephew and other such relations.

On this day sisters tie a special band on their brothers wrist as a mark of affection, sisters prepare Pooja thali roli chawal and rakhies, and worship the Goddess for their brother.

Symbolically, protecting them receiving a gift in return and traditionally investing the brothers with the share of the responsibility of their potential care.

. There are various stories and legends in Hindu mythology as well as in history where God have tied the Rakhi to protect their loved. Once for their protection.

There's no other love like sister love for brother.

Gajera Vidyabhavan celebrated virtual Raksha Bandhan by our educator's have act on a short skit for our soldiers and also tied an eco friendly rakhi to our best friend tree.To shows bonding of love our educator also have performed dance with song to dedicate all brothers and sisters, and taught them how to make rakhi by using waste material.

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