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“Look back with a smile, Go forward with courage”

Farewell is celebrated not to just to say goodbye to the friends, as they step into a new orbit of life. It also a commemoration to celebrate all the good times together and wishing the best for the future.

A farewell party for Sr. Kg. learners can be an exciting and memorable experience for both learners and educators alike. To make the party even more memorable, Gajera School organized adventure game and the pool party that will engage the learners and add an element of fun and excitement to the event.

To make the adventure game even more exciting, educators arranged different physical challenges or obstacles that the teams must overcome, such as crawling under a rop , jumping over a hurdle , balancing on pyramid and swimming. They took delightful dinner with their friends & lastly enjoyed dance party with DJ. Kids were fully engrossed in that only. They had a lot of fun and turned a dark evening into a live evening. Overall it has showcased the fun of school life.

Educators and learners shared their experiences with each other which have passed together during the year. Our Principal ma’am motivated regarding the success of the learners in each and every sphere of life and appreciating efforts made by educators. Educators also motivated them to study hard and secure a bright future.

This day was a memorable one both for the outgoing batch and for the educators. There was a lot of emotion and nostalgia as learners took photographs around the majestic school building where they had spent their days.

The function ended with wishes of Good Luck shared by all the educators.

“Goodbye is the ending to a new beginning”.

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