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Creating an Effective and Healthy School Culture

We Indians are more cultured and civilized compare to other country people, like that in every fields of world different- different work cultures and traditions are followed, some are updated and some are as usual. but to survive according time we all need to improve, update and develop time to time and just like that every school

need to create change, update and improve their School Culture. To follow the Japanese word “Kizen”, we all should initiate to change culture in all required areas of schooling. In this respect, We Gajera Group of Schools GSEB English Primary Sections, have conducted training of Primary Educators on How to create an effective and Healthy School Culture by an experienced and creative trainer Mrs. Smita of Orient Blackswan Publication on 29/05/2022 at the Conference Hall, Katargam.

Firstly, She has introduced many effective techniques and methods of Classroom Culture and School Culture like technology and various online platforms should be utilize as a tool. Secondly, She has demonstrated some activities on how to develop and create healthy and effective peer to peer bonding, students - teachers bonding, teachers to office Management bonding. Thirdly, She has focused on the area of emotional/sentimental condition of the child and asked teachers that have they ever try to go through their emotional/sentimental conditions then by getting different answers from the teachers she has demonstrated some activities and questionnaires to ask such students.

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