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Day of Athletic Event"

Champions keep trying until they get a win

Sport is a big part of our lives and it has become a way of life for a healthy and fit India.

If you want to have fun and keep your body fit, you can better engage in sports. Accordingly, sporty individuals have a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the benefits of playing the game are obvious. In particular, it can help reduce body fat or control body weight; Be effective in combating depression and anxiety and improve general health and well-being. Sports Day was organized in the school keeping in view such facts.

Organized earlier this season, our annual sports day was full of fun and excitement. The entire school, including the playground, was adorned with house flags, colorful buntings, sports icons and the Sports 2021-22 background board.

It encourages learners to take part in sports activities like March Past, Flat Race. Warm-up exercises, hurdle races, balance the ring, frog jumps, rolling on mats and more.

All the students participated in various sports and the teachers guided them in organizing various programs.

Gajera school sports day was a very exciting and joyful day. Each learner participated in a variety of sports with fun and enthusiasm.

" Winning is not everything, but making the effort to win is winning

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