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Desh Bhakti Solo Singing Competition

Music ignites all areas of child development; it helps the body and the mind work together. Patriotic songs are those that demonstrate love for the country, or have themes that glorify self-sacrifice, lands’ beauty, history of ideals. The aim of this competition was to encourage the passion for the singing of the learners and provide a place to showcase their talent.

The event received an overwhelming response. All the budding singers, through their melodious voices, evoked the feeling of patriotism. The overall experience was an enthralling one for everyone. Each learner showed their mastery over voice modulation, rhythm and other important aspects of singing. Their songs invoked a strong sense of patriotism in each one who listened. These patriotic songs enthralled the audience and everyone was in patriotic allegiance.

At the end of the competition Principal Ms.Neepa Patel motivated the learners that patriotic thinking will always inculcate moral values in them, and love and devotion for their country shall definitely lead to more positive and constructive thinking.

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