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"Do Not Kill The Beauty Of The Jungle"

World Animal Day is a wonderful reminder of how animals enhance our lives. The day even focuses on creating awareness about the effects of individuals and other human behaviors on these speechless organisms.

To generate a sense of responsibility, children are taught how to look after the animals whether at home or anywhere else. Moreover, schools find it an effective way to inculcate the importance of animals in their lives. Owing to this reason, our school indulged in celebrating this day by creating jungle atmosphere wherein different kinds of animals (wild and domestic) were kept also created awareness and celebrated with full zeal by dressing up as animals.

Educators motivated the learners to show love, care, affection and protection towards animals through the support of individuals and organisations who work for the rights of animals. They explained that the balance of the ecosystem would go down to drains if animals started disappearing from Earth. The day dedicated to animals for making people aware of the world about the role of animals in our lives.

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