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Doctor's Day Celebration!!!!!!

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is cute (like our LEARNERS) forget about the fruit"

To honour the front-line workers, this year too “Doctors’ Day” was celebrated in our school in an innovative way where LEARNERS enjoyed being dressed as Doctors. Four Parent doctors of GSEB were invited to be a part of this celebration. The celebration was an attempt to emphasize on the value of doctors in our lives and to express our gratitude towards them. Doctors are the real heroes fighting at the forefront to save millions of lives around the globe in the present pandemic situation.

Celebration started with the prayer and DEEP PRAJVALAN seeking the blessings of God to keep the universe fit and fine. The program has been carried out with a speech given by a doctor-parent to boost immunity and physical fitness followed by PRINCIPAL SPEECH. She inspired LEARNERS to express their gratitude and appreciation for the doctor’s and also thanked the medical fraternity for their service and selflessness. Doctors were also given token of love.

Then the surprise was disclosed to Doctor parent and learners for DUMMY HOSPITAL SET UP, where different sections of hospital was made. INAGURATION CEREMONY of hospital was done by doctors and principal.

Few Little Learners were dressed up as a doctors and patients. Complete live atmosphere of hospital was created which was visited by REAL DOCTORS. They were happy to see their future shadows working right from now in the same field. They gave positive feedback for the efforts of Educators and Learners.

It was indeed a wonderful day that was observed with a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude.

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