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Doctor’s Day Celebration

Doctor is considering as the second mother or as God in our world. Doctors abide 24X7 for their duties. Sick, injured and unwell people visit doctors for their advice and medicines for their causes. Doctors are saviors so that people consider them as next to God for their noble work and to acknowledge their contribution to the society, July 1 is being celebrated as National Doctor’s Day in India.

For showing gratefulness towards all the doctors in the world, we here at Shree H. J. Gajera English Medium Primary School, Katargam have conducted talk show in studio room on 1st July,2022 . For that We have invited Dr. Suchi Rajiv Bhatarkar M.B.B.S M.D (PEDIATRICS) for the talk show on the topic “How to be a good doctor and Duties of doctors”. She is currently working as Currently working as Assistant Pediatrician to Dr. Ketan Shelat at Niramay Clinic and Hospital, surat since February till date. She looks very active and sensible.

Our six learners of class 6th & 7th have prepared some interesting and information oriented questions like how a student of class 7 plan to be a doctor?, Which field is be choose to be a doctor?, what percentage is required for getting admission in medical college?, What is M.B.B.S ?, How to be a specialist doctor? And so on. Indeed, the guest Dr. Suchi quiet surprised by the curiosity and the questions asked by learners. In that respect, she has replied every question’s answer properly and thoroughly with intention to satisfy learners’ curiosity.

At the end, learners sang a doctor’s prayer to show their respect towards doctors which made her emotional. Our principal, Mr. Asish Debnath acknowledged her by goody bag.

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