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"Doctors are like God on the planet because they are the ones who bring life and joys into our lives"

National Doctors’ Day is a great opportunity for us to acknowledge the actual need of physicians and doctors in today’s society. This is an awareness program that helps people to understand the roles, responsibilities, and importance of medical professionals. It gives people an opportunity to show encouragement and support towards doctors.

To honour the front-line workers, this year “Doctors’ Day” was celebrated in our school in an innovative way where LEARNERS enjoyed being dressed as Doctors. Principal Ms.Neepa Patel first explained to our young learners who a doctor is. Doctors are special people who have studied for many years to learn about the human body, illnesses, and how to help people feel better. Two doctors DR. NIRAL PATEL & DR. SMIT PATEL were invited to be a part of this celebration. One of the pride of today's guests were that they have become doctors after studying in our school. Our Principal ma'am Ms. Neepa Patel honoured them with token of love.

Celebration started with the prayer seeking the blessings of God to keep the universe fit and fine. Our educators had explained that God is not with us physically in this world, that is why God has sent a doctor to take care of our health. Invited doctor had shared their experience and given some tips about our health, boost immunity and physical fitness and also gave inspiration regarding education to our little learners. The celebration was an attempt to emphasize on the value of doctors in our lives and to express our gratitude towards them. Doctors are the real heroes fighting at the forefront to save millions of lives around the globe in the present pandemic. They inspired LEARNERS to express their gratitude and appreciation for the doctor's and also thanked the medical fraternity for their Service and selflessness.

Our educators had made the small DUMMY HOSPITAL and kept one BLOOD DONATION BOOTH. Few Little Learners were dressed up as a doctors and patients. Complete live atmosphere of hospital was created which was visited by REAL DOCTORS. They were happy to see their future shadows working right from now in the same field. They gave nice feedback for the efforts of Educators and Learners.

Doctor's Day is a wonderful occasion to teach our learners about the incredible work doctors do and the importance of health and well-being. By celebrating this day with engaging activities, we can instil in our little ones a deep respect and gratitude for these dedicated professionals. Let's encourage them to dream big and consider the noble profession of healthcare in the future. Remember, it's never too early to inspire the next generation of doctors!

It was indeed a wonderful day that was observed with a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude.

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