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Educational Scenario in the post pandemic: Training program for educators

“A Good Educator, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson.”

As an educator to keep us upgraded we should have continuous drill of our mind. The reason behind it is that when we teach our learners, we should also be familiar with the changes happening around us in the field of education.

“Learning never ends.” Keeping this in mind, Gajera trust keeps on organizing training programs for the educators on regular intervals. Decisions made today in the context of COVID-19 will have long-term consequences for the futures of education. Educators and communities must make high stakes choices today. All the learners have suffered a lot in their studies during pandemic time and still it affects study.

In the field of education a child can learn the same concept in different ways and pace depending on the intelligence. To understand this theory Gajera Trust organized a seminar on “Educational Scenario in the post pandemic” for all our educators as a part of Educators training program. The session was conducted by Ms. Geetanjali Kumar, who is a certified teacher’s trainer and has an experience of more than 20 years in this vast field.

The program begun with a welcome speech by Ms. Yashvi Pacchigar . The session was related to Early Child Care Education and Multiple Intelligence. It was activity based and easy to understand. Educational Scenario in the post pandemic were explained in detail with good examples and different activities. Throughout the session all the educators were engrossed completely and were involved in the interactive session too. Ms. Geetanjali Kumar focused on how the learning skill of each child and food habits affects the study of child.

How the educators can be implemented it in their teaching methods. The seminar was followed by floor participation of Educators. The speaker answered the questions asked by the Educators of our different branches. It was overall a very knowledgeable session. The program ended with a vote of thanks by Vice principal Mr. Bhagwansinh Vaghela and felicitation by our Principal Mr. Asish Debnath.

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