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Educators' Internal Training by the Primary Section Principals of Katargam, Utran and Sachin Branch

Educators' General Meeting served as one way to improve schools by enhancing teaching and learning as well as building a collaborative culture. A training session provided a useful format for thinking about the activities and resources we should use to guide a group of learners toward a learning objective.

Gajera trust has arranged Educators' Internal Training on 6/11/22, Sunday at Katargam branch, Surat . All Primary Section Educators and Principals of all branch have attended this meeting actively. In the first half, all the teachers prepared monthly syllabus planning and then everyone prepared paper styles for upcoming exams of sem 2. At last, collectively teachers have also planned about how to promote students growth and success.

In this meeting one of the principals Mr. Nitin Patil sir gave guidance of how to set up errorless, effective question paper, which included the topics like

* Provide clear instructions

* Choose proper types of questions

* Set questions according to exam duration etc..

Teachers understood many qualities of good question paper. At the end all principals and Vice principals guided teachers for betterment of second semester.

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