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Is it possible to cook without fire? “YES very much possible!”


FIRELESS COOKING COMPETITION was organized for the mothers of Pre Wings with an objective of creating awareness about saving fuel and showcasing their culinary skills. The event not only provided a platform for them to foster their creativity and decision making skills but also helped them explore their hidden talents and discover new areas of interest.

The participants prepared healthy dishes like Chat, Modak, Sandwiches, Takoz, Cakes, Pizza and many more using easy and quick recipes. They showed their dishes in an artistic and aesthetic way which was most appealing. They had taken utmost care in maintaining hygiene, presentation of the food items.

Dishes were judged on nutrition and taste by esteemed judge Ms. Taposhree Das. They interacted with the budding chefs to find out the ingredients of the recipes, nutritional value and the historical significance of the dishes prepared by them. Judges were overawed by the efforts of the participants and results were announced amidst tough competition.

The show ended with the prize distribution ceremony, where the winners were applauded with certificates.

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