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Freedom within Limits...

"90% of brain development occurs before the age of five."

A preschool age child working with developing executive function gets frustrated easily, throw things on the floor, acts out or has trouble following directions. With 90% of brain development occurring before the age of five, this is a crucial time to practice and develop executive function.

Montessori a system for teaching young children, in which the fundamental aim is self motivated education by the children themselves, as they are encouraged to move freely through individualized instruction and physical exercises, accompanied by special emphasis on the training of the sense and the early development of reading and writing skill.

There is nothing quite like the authentic Montessori method for early childhood education. This unique approach enables children to discover their true potential and develop different skills as well as totally focused on their mind. The Montessori experience prepares them to be curious, lifelong learners , good citizens, future innovators as well as able leaders.

The Montessori method encourages self directed learning through exploration and play. We help children learn through a variety of special developed materials. These materials may look like fun toys but they are designed to help your child learn and master difficult concept.

There are different ways to build intrinsic motivation in Montessori.

  1. Build an environment where they can have success.

  2. Create opportunities for them to build independence. They see themselves as capable.

  3. There are opportunities to work together, co-operate and care for others , they see their input matters.

  4. Value process over product.

  5. Use encouragement rather than praise.

  6. The freedom to work on things they are interested in.

  7. The freedom to choose what, where and with whom they would like to work.

  8. Learning respect for themselves, and the environment.

"Montessori education helps your child develop independence, a sense of empathy and a lifelong love for learning."

There is one and other benefit of Montessori method is hand on task. What better way to teach children, how to complete daily task then by letting them explore fun hands on activities some common.

Montessori hands on tasks include:

- Pouring and scooping

- Watering flowers

- Washing clothes

- Opening bottle caps

These task help children learn important motor skill while they explore the environment around them.

In our kindergarten we reach to the learners who are not able to understand different concepts, by implementing this methodology all concepts will be clear practically in their minds.

"Free the child potential and you will transform him into the world."
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