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"Friendship Day is just an opportunity to let our friends know that we value their presence in our life."

God could not be present everywhere and probably that was the reason that he made us potent enough to make a relationship like friendship. In tune with the spirit of the occasion, people dedicate Friendship Day festival to their

best friends. So to mark and value and the importance of friendship from the childhood our Kindergarten learners celebrated Friendship Day with great pomp and fervor.

Beautiful drama ENACTION was done by the learners depicted the values of true friendship towards ANIMALS. The learners and educators were successful in delivering the moral through their drama that friends should act together and then they will be happy.

They also represented beautiful dance with their tiny legs. The day concluded with the learners hugging their friends and presenting each other with a friendship craft. They also fastened a friendship band on their friend’s wrist and possibly made friends for life.

Here’s to a lifetime of friendship!

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