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From a Child In Me To A Child In You/Reinvention of the world

“Children Are Like Buds In A Garden And Should Be Carefully And Lovingly Nurtured, As They Are The Future Of Our Nation And The Citizens Of Tomorrow.” Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru"

Childhood is a blessing and the most fun filled phase of life. To mark such an occasion Children’s Day was celebrated in our school premises. Special Assembly was conducted for children with an endearing presentation by the educators. To make this day a memorable and a fun filled one, children were taken out of their classrooms to the lush green lawn in our very own school campus. The Lawn area had a jaw dropping decorations of buntings and balloons. They were surprised to receive a warm welcome from the live cartoon characters – Mr. Bean, Joker, Charlie Chapin which happens to be an all time favorite of children. The joy doubled up when the characters shook hands with them and danced along. Magician showed fun filled magic which was sparkled the eyes the tiny ones.

Educators took this unique opportunity to give a brief insight into the life of Chacha Nehru and his special connection towards children. They dedicated power packed danced performance, drama speech and songs to learners. It was an unstoppable day and the children utilized this liberty and played games to their heart’s content. There was excitement in the air and the little ones left the school with a bag full of stories about their special day at school. The campus was buzzing with excitement and joy as it was a day wherein fun and frolic dominated. ,

Children relished refreshment on ‘Children’s Day’ at school hence came to a pleasant conclusion.

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