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The concept of celebrating the World Computer Literacy Day was initiated by the leading Indian computer company NIIT. When the 20th anniversary of the company celebrated on December 2, 2001, this global talent development corporation marked its first World Computer Literacy Da. This year it will be celebrating its the 22nd anniversary.

It was noticed that women and children had a rather small percentage of connections with personal computers and other similar technologies whereas the world over, the number of computer users was largely men. NIIT decided to mark World Computer Literacy Day based on this observation. The firm established the day with the goal of generating technological literacy amongst underserved groups, too. As of 2021, half of the world’s population was still not online. The real-world impact of lack of access to computers, the internet, and other similar technologies was starkly highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a rapidly digitizing world, it is imperative to address the digital divide and promote computer and digital literacy.

On World Computer Literacy Day, activities and campaigns are organized worldwide to encourage greater understanding and knowledge of computers. Or school Shree H. J. Gajera English medium School too keeps on organizing one or the other activities to promote this day. This year we organized GAJERIAN PROGRAMMER 2K22 COMPETITION where the learners programmed new games from scratch. The children enjoyed the competition while the educators enjoyed during the judgement by playing new and exciting games.

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