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As we all know, India is a land of festivals and celebrations. Most of the festival having its story from when and why it is to be celebrated and most of these festivals goes on for one, two or three days. But the festival of Navratri goes on for nine days. Further, the meaning of ‘Nav’ is nine and ‘Ratri’ refers to night. Thus, this festival f derives its names as we celebrate it over a period of nine nights. Actually, we celebrate this festival for nine nights and ten days. Moreover, Indian people celebrate it four times every year but among them Sharada (Aashwin Month) is more important as it is celebrated by the people of all over India. The people living in the North-Eastern and Eastern states refer to it as Durga Puja.

To spread joy and happiness we have celebrated the Navratri festival by playing Garba in school campus. The celebration started by offering prayers to Goddess Navdurga and seeking the blessings from Goddess Durga to protect us from evils.

The students were attired in traditional dresses which added to the festive mood. The celebration started by Learners and Educators played traditional garba and dodhiya on the foot tapping traditional music. The entire school swayed with the rhythm of Garba beats on 1st October, Saturday and danced with the tune of Garba song. The students as well as the teachers dressed in traditional attires and colourful accessories, which created a spectacular visual delight for everyone to see and relish. The gajerians were extremely excited when their respected teachers joined in the festivities and played Garba with them. It was a colorful event for the students. The event became an excellent example of celebration of tradition with joy and fervour at its fullest.

Navratri is not only celebrated in India but every corner of the world where Indian live. Navratri is the holy festival to worship goddess Durga . In this respect we, at Shree H.J.Gajera English Medium Primary School, Katargam celebrated Navratri on 1st October, 2022, Saturday. In first half class 5th to 7th students perfomed garba with immense energy and style. Good garba player were selected and separated for their unique garba style.

While in second half, with the Aarti of maa Durga, the learners of class 1st to 4th performed garba happily and energetically. Learners would much happy to play garba with their classmates. They all also seem more energetic to play garba with their respective educators.

Along with learners, educators, D S Staff, Sweepers and all other available people played garba and pray Goddess Durga to seek their blessings.

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