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Summer is here and it's the perfect time for learners to engage in fun and educational activities that will help them develop their cognitive and social skills. In Gajera Farm School educators arranged the special summer activities that learners enjoyed a lot.. It is a time to catch up on rest, spend time with friends, and explore new hobbies or interests. Activities can have different focuses such as intellectual, athletic, or cultural development. Educational and physical activities allow children to learn helpful new skills in a secure and supportive environment.

Educational Activities: Engaging in these activities can help reduce stress, improve mood, and provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment. It can also provide a sense of community, making learners feel more connected and supported. By clay work their imagination power and motor skills have developed and also they could learn the basic curriculum of the next year.


Art & Craft


Physical Activities: These activities more imperative for children to talk to and deal with other members. Learners had done so many fun activities like passing the colorful glass, jumping the ring, musical chairs, hurdle game and many more...Experiencing these unique activities can give children a boost in confidence and motivate them to challenge unexpected things.

Outdoor Play: With warm weather and longer days, it's the perfect time to engage the learners in outdoor play. Took them to the garden and playground and let them run around, climb on the jungle gym, and slide down the slide. This not only helps them develop gross motor skills but also provides an opportunity for them to socialize with other children.

Story Time: Reading is an excellent way to promote language development and cognitive skills. Took them to the A.V Room. Different Movies, Rhymes and story was shown to the learners. It helps learners learn a language, along with the listening and concentration skills essential for brain development and memory. So it has done only for their cognitive development.

This activity helps develop imagination, improves vocabulary, and fosters a love of reading.

Bird Feeder Activity: Project-based – hands-on activity named Bird Feeder that encouraged them to engage with nature and enhances their learning abilities. This activity gave our learners an opportunity to observe the wonders of nature, take a little break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Young ones with access to feeders also learnt to identify bird species, foods that are appropriate for the birds, and the importance of caring for animals.

Pool Party: learners love water play, whether it's splashing around in a kiddie pool, running through sprinklers or playing with water guns. The learners played with water balloons and balls. Tables were arranged with colourful umbrellas to add ambience to the party. The tiny tots turned up in colourful swim suits and whilst most had great fun playing in the water there were some who were a little scared to step in. Learners had fully enjoyed with music. . Water play helps develop fine motor skills, encourages imaginative play, and provides sensory stimulation.

Dabba Party: A Dabba Party has conducted at our school as a social skill activity, it is also called as fun party, sharing and caring etc. Learners had brought home made food in their tiffin box. They sat in a circle and could share with others. At that time they lived happily and ate breakfast contentedly. At last they had lot of fun with dance.

Summer is the perfect time for the learners to engage in fun and educational activities that promote cognitive, social, and physical development. Whether it's outdoor play, water play, nature walks, arts and crafts, or story time, there are plenty of activities to keep the children engaged and learning all summer long.

At the end of the session, the kids were still beaming and in no hurry to beat a retreat!

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