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Global Wind Day Celebration

There are many Environmental elements that play and demonstrate vast role to run life on our dear planet Earth such as Sun, Moon, Planets, Wind, and Stars etc. Every element is an important role to play without it others cannot survive. Even to survive on earth various natural and artificial energy sources are required like solar energy, wind energy etc… So on the occasion of world wind day which is celebrated on 15th June across the world we indeed make aware and update ourselves and the society about the wind energy. This day 15th June is marked s a day of discovering the possibilities of wind power. It is a day for discovering wind, its power and the possibilities.

Here, at Shree H.J. Gajera Eng. Med. School, Katargam branch we have celebrated World wind day in the classes of 5th to 7th. Many students have prepared charts, Posters and even working Models of wind mills. Class-6th students have making charts and explain it in the classroom about how wind mills can work and how it creates energy. Students of 7th grades have demonstrated working models of wind mills in their classrooms and explain its way of working. Students also make charts of Indian states and places where wind mills are exist and generate energy like Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

All the educators and learners of classes 5th to 7th have felt proud for the hard work of students who have made working models of Wind Mill. All became aware and update about existing source of energy called wind and its power of possibilities. Many learners took a note that they should also promote this wind energy source aspect in their area make people more aware about it.

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