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Go Green, Plastic is Obscene!

“Without plastic, the world is like a diamond that shines everywhere.”

A natural beginning for the new session. The International Plastic Bag Free Day is observed on July 3 every year. The main aim to observe this day is to raise awareness about the grave issues of plastic pollution and the serious threat it poses to the natural environment of both land and marine life. As plastic bags take around minimum 100-500 years to decompose, it is creating land pollution as well as water pollution as it is dumped in landfills as well as it is washed away in water reserves. It is proving hazardous to the marine animal when it gets washed into oceans. So, it becomes imperative to raise an alarm against the ill effects of single-use plastic bags. The campaign was initially started by Zero Waste Europe’s Bag Free World and it became a global initiative for creating awareness among people around the world. The day, July 3 has been designated as the International Plastic Bag Free Day to promote the use of eco-friendly items such as paper bags or cloth bags instead of plastic bags and get rid of the single-use plastic bags.

On this day, people conduct meetings, debates, social events encouraging people to make resolutions to combat the serious plastic problem on individual levels. People initiate beach clean campaigns, oceans clean campaigns, and more on this day to free the environment from suffocating plastic bags.

To encourage our learners about taking some fruitful steps concerning this mega cause, our school too conducted competitions based on the theme: Free from plastic bag. For class 1 and 2 the students were asked to create something from waste products which can replace

the plastic bags. While class 3 and 4 had the competition of writing an original story based on the same theme. Today, on 9th July, 2021 (Friday) the winners were declared for both the categories via an online meet on the platform of Google Meet. The winner’s name was announced by the judges and their video was displayed. The announcement was followed by an encouraging speech by our respected Principal Sir Mr. Asish Debnath. The host of the session too asked the students to not use plastic bags as much as possible and the parents too pledged to minimize their use. “REDUCE, REFUSE, REUSE, RECYCLE PLASTIC BAGS.” should be our motto henceforth.

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