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Good Book Review Competition for Grade V to VII

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

If you love to read, at some point you may want to share your thoughts on a book you have read with others.

To inculcate reading habits, develop critical thinking skills and improving self-confidence among the students, a book review competition was organized at Shree H.J. Gajera English Medium School, Primary Section, Katargam for Grade V to VII learners. The students participated in this competition with great fervour and enthusiasm. They reviewed literary masterpieces such as “Mahabharat”, “Bhagvad Geeta”, Ramayana, Rani Laxmibai, etc.

The Book-Review Competition was organized with the objective of developing students’ critical and analytical abilities. To encourage them to read literature and analyze literary texts has been the motive behind organizing this event. Another objective was to share the love of books & spread awareness. This will help the students to get to know some must reads. It nurtures the spirit of excellence in every student and maintains a good balance between traditional and modern education, constantly moving forward in the quest for knowledge. It offers an open environment to students for expressing their creativity and honing their skills.

Children participated in this competition with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour. Being a school our aim always has been of developing the love for reading among students and by getting an excellent response from students across the these grades we feel that our efforts have materialized to some extent. Due to over response we had to conduct a preliminary round for the learners to select few for the finals. The competition was well appreciated by the staff and the students.

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