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Roll ball is a popular sport, originated in the Asian region. It's a combination of basketball, throw-ball, handball and roller sports in which; two teams compete with each other. Players move toward the goal while dribbling or passing a ball similar to a basketball, with the aim of throwing the ball into a goal at each end of the court. The team that is able to score more goals wins.

Under the auspicious Roll Ball Federation of India-Gujarat State, the 17th National Senior level Roll Ball Tournament was held at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand from 12th March to 15th March, 2021 in which 16 Indian State Teams with hundreds of boys and girls skaters participated.

In this tournament students of Shree H J Gajera English Medium School, Katargam also participated as the part of Gujarat Team. Four semi-final matches were played against Madhya Pradesh (Gujarat won by 5-0), Assam (Gujarat won by 3-1), Kerala (Gujarat won by 3-1) and Kashmir (Gujarat won by 2-1) in which Gujarat stood out to be the champion and was qualified for finale. The final match was played between Maharashtra and Gujarat in which again Gujarat dominated and won by 1-0.

The winning goal was hit by Rupavatiya Riny Sanjaybhai from Grade 10 F. She has been on this sport for few years and within a short span has shown utmost potential and skill for the game. Her determination and sincerity towards the game took her to this level, turning out to be the champion.

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