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Guru Purnima Celebration 2K23

ગુરુ વિના નથી થતું જીવન સાકાર,

ગુરુ જ છે સફળ જીવનનો આધાર.

Guru Purnima, a sacred day in Hinduism, is an occasion to honor and express gratitude towards our teachers, mentors, and guides. It is a time when students acknowledge the invaluable role played by their gurus in shaping their lives and nurturing their intellect. The significance of Guru Purnima extends beyond religious boundaries, encompassing the essence of learning, wisdom, and self-improvement.

Guru Purnima falls on the full moon day (Purnima) in the month of Ashadha (June-July) as per the Hindu calendar. The word "Guru" is derived from the Sanskrit language, where "gu" means darkness or ignorance, and "ru" denotes the one who dispels it. A guru is not merely a teacher but a beacon of wisdom and enlightenment who leads their disciples from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.

On this day of Guru Purnima, our school Shree H. J. Gajera English Medium School, Primary Section, delved into the essence of Guru Purnima and explored how we can celebrate this auspicious day in our school to foster a culture of respect for knowledge and appreciation for those who impart it. We celebrated Guru Purnima with full of gratitude to our teachers and mentors, students performed Saraswati Vandana, solo act, dance, sang a song to show gratitude to our teachers and lastly speech was delivered by our teachers and Principal sir.

Guru Purnima teaches us to acknowledge the role of our teachers in shaping our lives and to recognize that our achievements are not solely our own but a reflection of their guidance and support.

On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, let us bow to our gurus and express our heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering guidance and wisdom.

ગુરુ બ્રહ્મા ગુરુ વિષ્ણુ, ગુરુ દેવો મહેશ્વર:

ગુરુ સાક્ષાત પરંબ્રહ્મ, તસ્મૈ શ્રીગુરુવૈ નમ:

Happy Guru Purnima

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