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Happy 75th Year of Independence!!!

“There's no better way to celebrate our country's Independence than by promising to collectively work towards a Self Sufficient & Empowered future. And that collective change begins with us.”

“There's no better way to celebrate our country's Independence than by promising to collectively work towards a Self Sufficient & Empowered future. And that collective change begins with us.”

On this auspicious day we all Indians are commemorating 75 year of Independence. The whole Indian community consisting of proud countrymen is celebrating this day with the theme of “NATION FIRST, ALWAYS FIRST”. The feeling of patriotism is filling the hearts of citizens. With the motto of “HAR GHAR TIRANGA”, we can observe our national flag waving from the homes of all Indians. It is because of determination, courage and a vision of touching the stars, our India is growing as a nation in leaps and bounds. Whatever challenges are being thrown, we are observing that our nation is withstanding all Global challenges as a united front. As our revered patriotic leaders snatched independence from the British Raj, we too can achieve anything with a strong mindset.

This year our Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the collective spirit of 130 crores, the “Team India” to make our India one of the developed nation in the next 25 years by working towards a ‘viksit Bharat‘, removing any vestiges of colonialism, retaining our roots, ensuring unity in diversity, and carrying out a citizen’s duties. He emphasized that India’s strength lies in its diversity, calling it the “mother of democracy”.

Being a nation with rich heritage, culture, and tradition, India is strengthening its hard, as well as soft power with time. But, all this became possible when India became free 75 years ago. And, to date, we mark that as Independence Day! Every year, schools organize several Independence Day activities to let students respect the feeling of an Independent India.

Shree H. J. Gajera English Medium School, Primary Section, Katargam, too celebrated this day by taking part in the unfurling of the flag by the Chief Guests of the day, Shri Vasant Bhai Gajera Sir, Narendrabhai Pandav (Corporator Katargam), Dr. Rohit Dholadiya (President of Medical Association), Dr. Bhavdeep Patel (Secretary of Medical Association), Dr. Hitesh Pipaliya (Well known Dentist), Dr. Vimal Rathi, among others, along with the Principals, Vice Principals, Educators and the learners. We all saluted with pride as the National Anthem was sung. This was preceded by March past. Marching is one of the most loved Independence Day traditions. Making groups of students march in complete coordination while keeping the Indian flag in hand looks immensely breathtaking. This also keeps the energy and vibe intact during the celebration ceremony. This was followed by a cultural program which included patriotic songs, dance and speeches by principal, chief guest, educators and even by few learners. The feeling of getting goose bumps when one listens to patriotic songs is untradeable. And so is the feeling of singing patriotic songs on stage.

Along with the celebration, we kept the tradition of GAJERA intact by organizing Blood Donation Camp like every year. This year the people hoarded to donate blood and the rush for this noble cause was breath taking too. Also, our educators took part in hoisting the flag in many parts of the city to promote the vision of united India. Few learners of our school also accompanied the educators for this ceremony. Overall the celebration of this great day was a grand success.

“Let there be freedom in your mind and body, faith in your wards and pride in your soul.”

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