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Happy Father’s Day to all dads in the world!

પપ્પા વિશે ઓછું કહેવું કે પપ્પા સાથે ઓછું બોલવું એટલે શબ્દો ઓછા પડવા એમ નહીં પણ શબ્દો આછા પડવા

પપ્પા જે તણખલા વીણી એક મજાનો માળો બાંધે સંબંધો ની સોડમ રાખે શામનાઓના ના ટુકડા સાથે સંબંધોની

વાતે વાતે પડકારતા લલકારતા રુદ્ર વૃક્ષ પપ્પાની

ભીતર ભૂમિ સાવ ભીની સાવ પોચી…………


The first superhero any child meets in their life is their father. Fathers’ love is always overshadowed by mothers’ love, to show love, respect and gratitude we commemorate Father’s Day every year. This day is completely dedicated to all the fathers.

We at Shree H.J. Gajera English Medium school have celebrated father’s day with great excitement and zeal to express love for our beloved fathers on 17th June, 2023 (Saturday). This auspicious occasion was celebrated by making the fathers participate in various exciting games like Cricket, Chess and Carom. The Champions, Runners up and the winners in different competitions along with the participants were awarded with certificates. They received the memento with great gusto and even promised to come back again next year for such an event.

A hand over my head meant that he is always there for me, A little pat on my back meant that he believed in me, A polite smile meant that he is proud of me. “ A VERY HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL THE AMAZING FATHERS.”

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