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May Lord Ganesha to your house and take away all your Laddus n Modaks come with all your worries and sorrows.

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayak Chaturthi is celebrated in honour of Lord Ganesha, the “elephant headed” on his birthday. Lord Ganesha is known to bring good fortune, wealth and prosperity and every auspicious function are started by evoking his blessings called shubh aarambh. This auspicious festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Bhadra (mid-August-mid September) all across the globe, and the grandest celebrations take place in Maharashtra. The festival is celebrated for 10 days, the last day being the Anant Chaturdashi.

Gajera vidyabhavan had an online celebration called Eco Ganesha Utsav 2021.

Educators had performed a drama and they had welcome the Ganesha in the school campus with lazim and put it in decorative pandal done pooja of Shri Ganesha.

We should celebrate the Eco- friendly

Ganesh Chaturthi so we can balance global warming. what we will do for Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi: Ganapati Idols That Grow Into Plants After Immersion. Since the idols are made from Plaster of Paris these are non-biodegradable naturally and so these continue to float on the water for a long time thereby choking the water bodies and adversely impacting the aquatic ecosystem.

Learners have created ganesha, took a shapeless slab of clay and leaves, conclusion they had learned and created awesome artwork. Ganesha is also known as Moriya, bapaa, Vinayak etc.

Aala re aala Ganpati Bappa aala.

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