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I love my Nation,
I love my India,
I love my Gujarat,
I love my freedom

Let's celebrate the glory, greatness, and grace of Gujarat on the occasion of Gujarat Day

Gujarat Day is celebrated with great joy and excitement on May 1 every year. The day holds great significance among the people of Gujarat as it marks the remembrance of the struggle done by people to have a separate state of Gujarat.

Every Gujarati has given contribution for taking Gujarat forward - whether the poorest human being, literate or illiterate, urban or rural, male or female, youth or elder. This is the moment to express humble gratitude towards all those who love Gujarat.

We at Gajera celebrated 62 golden years of progressive journey of Gujarat with great fervour. Glory of Gujarat was explained through drama wherein educators and learners represented Gujarat. Spirit of freedom fighters enhanced the atmosphere with strong feelings to abide with the nation. Different famous food items, places, monuments were shown to the learners to gear up their PRIDE towards the nation.

On this occasion, we also took oath to take our glorious state of Gujarat to greater heights this year.

May the light that we celebrate, show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony.

On this Day let us unite and promise to take our state to reach new heights


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