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Happy Independence Day

“Fortunate are those who are born in free India… Independence Day is the time to remember all those who struggled to get us freedom and gifted us an Independence India. Jai Hind!!”

A day really to feel happy about. Since 1947, we are celebrating Independence Day every year on 15th August with whole heart. A day when we got liberty from the rule of British. After a long struggle the Indians got this freedom. It was not just an independence march won through wars, but through the hard work and determination put by millions of Indians, no matter how small or big their individual contribution was. But a thought that has got us pondering is that ARE WE REALLY FREE? What does freedom really mean? Is it about not following orders from some dictator or foreigner? Or is it about freedom to finally express ourselves in every possible way without any restriction? The fact is that, for each one of us the definition is something different.

Despite so many years of independence, we still have many issues to attend to…. Let us make the Independence Day more meaningful by working towards these issues.”

We might have achieved freedom on this great day because of uncountable sacrifices of our ancestors and great martyrs of freedom movement, but in the following years we have got wrapped up in new captivity of many factors. If we consider today’s circumstances, we have fallen prey to leading a social life which is a mask on our real self. A life which we show to others is a totally different to our true identity. Not only that to make ourselves prosper in today’s age of industrialization we are harming our surroundings, environment and even people around us. This also shows that we are under the liability of our own self. Is it really needed? August 15 marks the day India gained independence from 200-year-old colonial rule, but Independence Day also serves as a reminder of all the virtues, pride, colorful history, cultural richness, diversity and landscapes which we must all feel proud to call our homeland.

As India enters its 75th year of independence, it's very important that we continue to cherish and practice the same ideals and values our great countrymen held dear during their struggle to build an independent India. So to make aware of at least one of these many issues and to pay homage to the great leaders of our nation INDIA, we celebrated Independence Day with our little learners. A competition was organized for the kids of class 1st and 2nd where they played the characters of freedom fighters. While the other class learners showed their spirit by dedicating a dance performance. Even few learners showed their concern on nature by preparing craft using eco friendly materials with the theme of patriotism. Here are few glimpse of their work. We hope you too appreciate their efforts and think about what is freedom….

“A country is made of its countrymen and it depends on their actions and intentions that what they make of it…. Warm wishes on Independence Day.”

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