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Happy Women’s Day

A baby girl, a girl, a woman, a wife, a sister, a grandmother, a friend

Internationally, Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March to honour and respect every woman. She shares her knowledge for the upliftment of the nation while sacrificing her personal choices for the family. She also cares, loves, pampers, and motivates her nearer ones in needy times.

The main aim of Women’s Day is to celebrate the achievements of Women in various fields and the roles they play as an Artist, a Teacher, an Administrator, a Politician, or Scientist.

Celebrating Women, whether professionally or personally, is a sense of commitment to each and every Woman in one's life. In many of the countries, this day has been declared as a National holiday.

International Women's Day is all about valuing oneself and realising one's full potential. Aside from that, Women need to summon the fortitude to overcome all obstacles in all areas of life in order to achieve significant progress. Previously, It is a common misconception in society that Women's problems are unimportant but nowadays, it’s totally changed as we live in the era of Women Empowerment here, We Gajerians have also celebrated the Women’s day with full devotion and dedication. We have celebrated this beautiful day by welcoming all female teachers with blooming

flowers. Male teachers delivered beautiful speech and reciting poems on women’s importance at every aspects of life. They have also arranged various games and activities, which were full of fun where all female teachers were participated and enjoy the games and activities.

“Selfi booth”and painting of Woman made by our art and craft team were great matter of attractions. At last, all teachers together took brunch and were spending quality time.

1) Welcoming of lady educators.

2) Welcome Speech by Asish Debnath (Principal).

3) Song Sung by the educator–Mr. Mrugesh Patel

4)Balloon race by lady educators.

5) Vote of thanks by Bhavisha Solanki (Principal)

6) Greetings card Distribution to lady educators.

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