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"Eat less from the box
And more from the Earth."

Nutrition is important at every age. Good nutrition is essential during childhood, as it is a time of rapid growth, development and activity. General eating habits and patterns are formed in the first few years of life. Nutrition is the thing that our body needs more importantly. Pre-schoolers need to eat food from all five healthy food groups – vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, milk products. Healthy foods have nutrients that are important for growth and development. Different food provides different nutrients like vitamins, nutrients, fibbers, and minerals that are essential in keeping our children healthy. Some of the benefits of healthy eating are strong bones and teeth, supports brain development and healthy growth, boosts immunity power and improved mental health. Healthy eating in childhood means they will have less chance of developing chronic diseases.

Keeping this in mind Gajera Vidhyabhavan School Pre Primary Section organized the Nutrition Day for our learners. Educators had explained the difference between healthy and unhealthy food with live demo. Also explained them to avoid the junk food and accept the healthy food by activity that Junk food does not digest easily. Eating healthy food keeps our body fresh throughout the day and increases the energy to work.

Our learners brought healthy food in the tiffin box like grains, sprouts, fruits, salad etc. The reason behind this is to make the learners aware of healthy food and make a habit of eating such food

"Healthy food, healthy life"

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