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#Helicopter Parents.. Who are they?? Let's Find out

Life is full of competition, especially in building a career. Every parent wishes their children to keep pace with this fast-growing world or at least stay in pace with the world. Thinking this, parents give more pressure on children in their studies which doesn’t seems fair. Such parents are called ‘hovering parents’ in the language of psychology or are also called helicopter parents.

These parents pay more attention to their children’s problems and experiences of life and make them focus more on their studies.

Let’s see why this happens….

Deprived of childhood: -

There are parents whose childhood had been full of barriers, as they might have lost either their father or mother or both. They feel something lacking and insecure in their own life. Due to their own ill experiences, these parents don’t want any hurdles to be repeated in their children’s lives and hence give them more love and care.

Worried about the future: -

This is a common issue as every parent wants their children should not face any difficulty either in their career or in life. It is but natural to have worries in this fast-growing competitive world. Due to this reason, they become more expecting of their children and ultimately becomes ‘helicopter parents’

Imitating other parents:-

Another most common mistake observed is that when parents are along with the children, mothers always tries to show how obedient their child his, this interface of parents just to show other parents that their child is very obedient is very a silly act. Step out of this behavior…. As after all, he is a child……

Advantages of being 'Helicopter Parents':

There are some advantages and disadvantages of being ‘helicopter parents’. Though the disadvantages are more according to me, let’s talk about the advantages first.

Hovering parents know what is happening in their child’s life as they are fully involved, so they can prevent the child from doing any wrong practices and guide them on the correct path. Children also can share their problems with their parents and can establish a good friendship and understanding among each other. Apart from this parents are also aware of their child’s friend circle and how they are.

One more benefit of being ‘hovering parents’ is that child always feels that their parents love them a lot and so the child always carries a positive image about their parents.

Disadvantages of being ‘Helicopter Parents':

The biggest demerit to be a helicopter parent is to disturb the individual growth of the child. This possibly happens that hovering parents may make the child ‘dependent’ on them and not let them become independent.

Helicopter parents accompany their children everywhere whether it is their exam time or selection of friends. This habit of going with children may make the child lose their self-confidence. The child gradually starts to doubt their own self-confidence and starts thinking about whether they can fulfill the desires of parents or not.

How to avoid becoming helicopter parents?

This is not a big deal. The only thing is to bring a little change from within. Think about it, whether it is necessary to worry so much unnecessarily about the child?

Give some time and solitariness to your children if they feel that you interfere more in their life as well as worry exceedingly about them.

Think about yourself and put yourself in place of them and think of it what you feel.

As a parent, you only become their guide and give them the freedom to think and decide on their own. Inspire them to do develop themselves.

Let the child learn from his mistakes and motivate and guide learn from the negative experiences and move forward in life with a positive approach.

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