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Hindi Divas

The Hindi Diwas, celebrated on 14th September every year, is a way to cherish Indian culture and pay respect to the Hindi language.

• Hindi diwas was decided by the Constitution on 14th September 1949 to make Hindi the national language of India. Keeping in mind the importance of this decision and to promote Hindi in every field.

• It was decided in 1953 to celebrate September 14th as Hindi Diwas every year throughout India.

•Since then, every year on 14th September, Hindi Diwas is celebrated in India so that we Indians understand our duty and respect our mother tongue Hindi.

To encourage people towards Hindi, a ceremony is organized on Hindi Day in which prizes are given to those who use and promote Hindi during their work.

Why we should emphasize on Hindi?

Many languages ​​are spoken in India. 22 languages ​​have been recognized by the constitution. Among all these languages, Hindi is the most spoken and also the national language of India. Now, the number of people who speak and know

• Hindi is increasing all over the world and Hindi is ranked third in the most spoken language in the world.

• In addition to being the oldest language in the world, Hindi is also the simplest and most prosperous language.

• Its script is Devanagari and anyone can learn it easily. Reading the Hindi language is very easy, so people outside India are also attracted towards it.

Importance of Hindi

Hindi Diwas reminds us of our true identity and unites the people of the country. It's a day that inspires us to have a sense of patriotism.

• It is celebrated every year to emphasize the importance of Hindi and to promote it among every generation.

Gajera vidyabhavan has celebrated hindi day. First of all ,all educator begun with hindi prayer and then all the educators explained the importance of national language HINDI and also enlighten kids with " हिंदी वर्णमाला " . And then cherry on top they added a beautiful rhyme to the hindi day celebration.

We should understand our duty to appreciate Hindi and respect it. Hindi is our national language, we should respect our national language because Hindi reflects our culture and civilization. Celebrating Hindi Diwas is an effort to promote the Hindi language.

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