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Hindi - Voice Of The Entire Nation

Being one of the most diverse nations in the world, India is a place where numerous traditions, customs, religions and languages flourish. And among all the languages, Hindi is considered the chief as well as the widely spoken in India. In today’s highly commercialized environment, where people are forgetting their roots, Hindi Diwas plays a significant role. The celebration of Hindi Diwas stands as a patriotic reminder to Indian population of their common roots and unity. It is a day dedicated to our National Language, Hindi.

As language and culture of any country plays an important role in making people-to connect with the people & helps in making a strong nation. So to inculcate the importance of Hindi language different activities were organized like alphabets recoganization, Recitation of Dohas, speech etc to help learners to explore their Hindi language knowledge with different hues and flavors.

Educators tried to spread the message “Hindi Hamaari Shaan Hai; Desh Ka Abhimaan Hai.”They even emphasized that we should be proud of our national language & should learn to speak in public domain without any hesitation.

Thus, the celebration concluded with a positive note that we should respect our national language as it reflects our culture and civilization. Celebrating Hindi Diwas is an effort to promote the Hindi language. Learners were asked to join hands in promoting Hindi language and stay connected for the progress of this language.

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