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Historical value.

☀It is a lovely experience walking around a museum by yourself. Museum collects and preserve our object and materials of religious, cultural, and historical. Value. Museum help to preserve and promote our cultural heritage.

A museum is a storehouse of the old architects, objects, history, etc.

Museum teaches us about the part everything there has a story to tell. The museum makes us smarter when we visit a museum we gain useful knowledge.

☀The museum is great for research. Museum inspires. A museum is a treatment to preserve humanity.

☀A museum is a place where a collection of artifacts and other things are reserved for public exhibition.

☀Almost all of the countries have museums in their major cities. The things preserve there are generally of science, cultural, historical, and artistic interest.

💠The museum in Gujarat has always proved to be inspiring for tourists who never get enough of the intriguing word of science, are, and technology. So if you are still in Gujarat and haven't fallen in love with its unique and vibrant culture a22 some of its best museum can help your know the place better.

💠Surat positioned on the heads of river Tapi.

🌟It is important of Gujarat it is well known as a diamond cutting center. The city also popular for fabric

🌟The museum in Surat has a prominent place. So many places in Surat.

👉 Sardar Patel museum

👉 Chintamani Jain temple

👉 Dutch garden

👉 Old fort

👉 Udvada Narmad house

👉 Surat clock tower

👉 Andrew's library etc.

🌟So many popular museums in other. It is dotted with several natural wonders like the Rann of Kutch which is the largest salt desert in the world some of the plus points for travelers visiting Gujarat can also enjoy the unique folk dance and some lips snaking dishes of the state well known all over the world.

🌟 Demonstrate a mastery of the current issues facing museums today.

Shown as an understanding of professional procedures in a museum display, collections, care, and preservation.

Exhibit an understanding of the use of materials, techniques, and media as they related to main museums. Be able to define and state knowledge of and analyze museum historical presidents.

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