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Human Rights day

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the UNO declared certain basic Rights for all-around development of human beings. This declaration is know as universal declaration of human. Since then every year this day is observed to raise awareness about people's social, cultural and physical rights and also to ensure the welfare of everyone.

Today in SHREE H J GAJERA ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, we have celebrated human Rights day with our learners of standard 3rd to 7th. On the chart paper the learners of class 3rd and 4th did this activity where they coloured their Palm with different colours and printed them on the chart paper. And underneath they wrote all the Rights on the coloured plam. By this Activity learners came to know all the Right of Human. Little learners enjoyed a lot while doing this Activity as they got their hands coloured and did the handprint on the chart paper. Each human Rights were depicted with different colours.

Whereas class 5th to 7th learners performed a drama depicting the human Rights which includes right to life and liberty, freedom and slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression and the most important one right to work and education. The drama was mesmerizing and a great deal of input was given by the learners as well as educators on this performance.

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