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" Importance of Discipline"

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments."

Discipline happens even to the most famous individuals in existence. It is necessary for all living things because without it there will be confusion around us. The importance of Discipline plays a crucial role in everyone's life.

" Life without discipline is just like a ship without radar."

The importance of discipline in students' life can attract all the right things students can gain success in each field of their life.

Therefore, the importance of discipline in life cannot be ignored.

" Proper discipline leads to self-motivation, self-control, and emotional stability over the long haul."

Discipline is about teaching children a system of values that they can use to guide them through life. This system can lead to a healthier emotional life that promotes the development of self-motivation, self-control, personality, and decision-making processes. In other words, discipline allows children to develop self-discipline and helps them become emotionally and socially mature adults.

  • Benefits of discipline:-

1. Discipline allows kids to achieve goals by weeding out the distraction in their life.

2. Discipline makes children feel good.

3. They satisfied with their life.

4. Discipline creates good students and lifelong learners.

5. Discipline allows kids to be able to set and achieve goals better.

6. Discipline gives kids a more positive outlook.

7. Discipline helps kids avoid temptation.

8. Discipline makes learners more emotionally stable.

9. Discipline keeps kids healthy.

--- At Gajera VidyaBhavan Katargam, our educators not only teach the discipline of school but also how to stay in the discipline at home.

How to greet the guest. How to put their toys, how to eat, how to speak polite. Our educators had performed a drama so that the learners understood easily how to stay in the discipline.

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