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"Indian Pledge Competition"

Reciting the pledge is a mark of patriotism to the country. It is an action that symbolizes your loyalty to the country and the feeling that as Indians we are proud to be part of this country.

Indian pledge is an oath that we take while we live in this country. It reminds us of our responsibilities towards our country and motherland. In our childhood, we decided it daily during the school assembly.

The National Pledge is an oath of allegiance to the Republic of India. It is commonly recited by Indians in unison at public events especially in schools and during Independence Day and Republic day celebrations.

Competition is good for a child because it is both fun and pushes the child to learn new things. It is no wonder that participating in competitive sports is beneficial but excessive competition leads to stressful situations.

Healthy competition inspires kids to do their best.

Pre Republic Day National Pledge Competition was organized for the kiddos of and learners. They took part with great passion and came up with a tricolour dressed up. They prepared different props related to their competition. Our little learners enjoyed it very well. We awarded them with prizes.

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