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"National Pledge Competition"

The FUTURE is not something we await .It's something we create.

Indian pledge is an oath that we take while we live in this country. It reminds us of our responsibilities towards our country and motherland. We held the Competition of National Pledge for Sr.Kg learners. Learners took part with great passion and came up with tricolor dressed up and also prepared different props related to the competition.

Ms. Naina Patel was the esteemed judge for the competition. She praised the efforts of the school in keeping the spirit of solidarity and love for the country alive through such competition. Learners were judged on the basis of speech, presentation, voice modulation and gestures. The success of the competition could be well judged by the smile on the faces of the learners and the educators.

Hence, this competition will play an important role that will create a better India for tomorrow. Reciting the pledge is a mark of patriotism to the country. It is an action that symbolizes loyalty to the country and the feeling that as Indians we are proud to be part of this country. Our tiny tots enjoyed this competition very much.

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