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International Tiger Day

"Tiger is a symbol of beauty, bravery, strength, and Nationality so save the Tiger. save the Nation Pride." - Uzma.

The beautiful, awe-inspiring tiger is one of our planet’s most iconic animals.

The big cats are one of the most charismatic animals on earth and most of them are endangered and on the verge of extinction. Tigers are one of them. As a large predator, the tiger plays a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Demand for tiger bone, skin, and other body parts is leading to increased cases of poaching and trafficking. This is resulting in localized extinctions, which has made the revival of the tiger population next to impossible.

International Tiger Day is observed globally on 29th July every year. This day was introduced in 2010, when the 13 countries came together to create TX2, the global goal to double the number of wild tiger by the year 2022 after it was discovered that 97 percent of tigers had disappeared in the past century, with only about 3,000 remaining. Securing tiger landscapes could help protect at least nine major watersheds, which regulate and provide freshwater for over 800 million people in Asia. Tigers are found in only 13 countries of the world, while 70 per cent of its tigers are in India only.

The theme for 2022 is “India launches Project Tiger to revive the tiger population”. Today, most of the remaining tigers belong to the Bengal subspecies that occur throughout the Indian subcontinent. Not surprisingly, India is the best place in the world to see tigers in the wild. Some of the best National Parks in India for spotting tigers in the wild are Kanha and Bandhavgarh in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Nagarjunsagar - Srisailam Tiger Reserve is the largest in India, with an area of 3,728 sq.

“Doubling tigers is about tigers, about the whole of nature and it’s also about us.” –Marco Lambertini, Director General WWF. The endangered species can be saved by spreading awareness amongst the people.


*Raising awareness on the issue:

Not everyone is aware of the threats that wild tigers face. You can raise awareness by sharing videos, infographics, and links to suitable content to get more people involved in the cause.

*Adopting a tiger:

Adopting a tiger can be a huge boost to the WWF and the work that it is doing. They help fund projects that work with local communities working to save tigers and also take strict actions against poaching and unlawful trading.

*Raising funds for a tiger charity

You can donate to charities that work for the well-being of tigers. Carry your good work forward by using your social media presence to urge your friends to donate to similar charities as well.

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